Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's Here!

Well, I finally received my free copy of the Stampin' Up! 2009 Spring/Summer Catalog. Unfortunately for me though, it came on the first day of the BIG KY ICE STORM!!!! (The reason I said unfortunately having received the catalog in the ice arrived in a rather dilapadated state. I like to keep my catalogs in good condition, and it arrived dog earred with a wrinkled cover. Thanks to demo support, they are sending me a new one.)

Not sure how the mailman got to the box even, because by the time my mail usually arrives (4:00 pm or so), we already had had 17 hours of freezing rain. I didn't even get to my mailbox until Wednesday, late afternoon. Altogether, we had 34 hours of freezing rain + 2" of snow on top of that. To add insult to injury, we suffered thru 5 days, 6 hours, and 7 minutes of a power outage. a pioneer woman, I could not have been in a previous life. I admit...we weren't completely powerless, as others in our county were, and still are. We had a generator that gave us quick bursts of heat on our space heaters, however, dealing with no electricity for that long is for the birds! You'd think after 5 days, we'd figure it out that when you walk into a room and reach for the light switch, the power still will not go on, no matter how much you wish it will! When our power finally did come on...well, lets just say I've been giving a silent prayer for the things (luxuries like electricity, heat, water, food) that our family does have on a daily basis. It is so easy to forget that we are so very lucky.

How did I spend my time? Well, I couldn't stamp, as it was too dark down there in my stamp room. I did some reading, and wished that I had gotten to the library before the storm hit so I could read a better book than what I had. I took LOTS of photo's and really gave my 10x zoom a work out (Many pictures from the porch, as it was dangerous to walk outside what with tree branches crashing to the ground, ice falling from trees, wires, house, etc). AND...we played lots of board games by flashlight at night.

The kids are STILL out of school, and will going to school in June to make up the days.

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