Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here are some pictures from the Great Ice Storm of 2009. This is a view from behind our house looking over the neighbors yard. This was taken early on Tuesday before the BIG damage occurred. Right now the ice just looked "pretty" on the trees.

Doesn't it look pretty? All the trees and bushes had a beautiful, crystal quality to them. Fragile and glasslike.

This is another view overlooking our neighbor's farm. I loved the way the fence line leads you into the whole picture. Look at the icicles hanging down from the fence! Note the heavy power lines above the back fence.

My 16 yo son took this one. I love how the sun glistens on the ice, like diamonds.

This was a rather scary picture my son also took. A branch was (and still is) lying over this power line, weighting it down over our driveway. With the ice now gone, it is not hanging this low anymore, but my husband's car managed to squeak under it to go get gas to power the generator.

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