Thursday, October 28, 2010

Goodbye Stampin' Up!

It's taken me quite awhile to get to the place where I currently am in regard to my SU business. Business...ha! If 1 can call it that. Some, I suppose, really can call it a business, but to me it has ALWAYS been a hobby. A very expensive hobby. At first, I was doing workshops on a regular basis, and even classes in my basement on a monthly basis. A very dear friend of mine has continued to support me over the last 8 years of my 10 year jaunt with the company, and I am thankful for her. She and I have been the only ones supporting it though for about a year now. I've made many good friends over the last 10 years with other demonstrators. Many from the US and a couple from Canada. It is with great sadness though, that I've decided to give it up. I haven't had the stamping mojo in quite some time. I continue to purchase stamps and supplies, yet I haven't used them. Nothing says, I have to quit having classes. I can still do that, AND I can still learn new techniques. The only difference now is that I won't have a discount when I purchase my supplies. Maybe now, with no quarterly minimum hanging over my head, I can get back to stamping...just for the fun of it!