Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Power Mall

I just joined this wonderful, new company called My Power Mall. There is no selling involved and it is 100% FREE TO JOIN!!! I know, I know! You have to wonder what the catch is...I know I did! But it really is FREE. What you do first is sign up. Now, you can go thru the company and they will assign you an upline, or you can join under someone (like me), who gives you an invitation, or a link to click on for more information. As I said before, there is no selling involved. All you do is SHOP! Shop for what you usually shop for online. If you go to Walmart to buy toothpaste, TP, deodorant, shampoo...still, buy those things, but purchase them on your mall. If you are a crafter, shop for craft supplies. JoAnn's, Oriental Trading, and more art supply places are in YOUR MALL. Yes, you heard me right. This is YOUR MALL!!!! Your new mall will have over 1000 stores already in it. When you shop at a store from your mall, the store will have your special ID number imbedded in the address bar, when you first click on it. After your order has shipped, it will become a sale. Once you have a sale, you can earn a rebate on it. Some stores have bigger rebates than others, but you will receive a portion of the money for EVERY PURCHASE you make. Similar to a Direct Sales Company that works on a pyramid, MPM (My Power Mall), will give you rebates on up to 9 levels!!!! What could be better???!!! It's FREE...NOTHING TO SELL...AND YOU MAKE MONEY!!!! What are you waiting for? Click on the link in my banner to the left, to get more information. I'd LOVE to have you join me. With just a few small purchases to reach $50, you can earn a FREE 3 day/2 nite vacation!!!

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